Learn more about franchising opportunities with Scout & Molly’s and how you can become the owner of your own boutique!


If you have ever dreamed of owning your own boutique, working in the fashion industry or being able to work with the community, Scout & Molly’s is the right franchise for you!

If you prefer to be at the forefront, rest assured you will get up each morning working towards a project with a purpose. Your very own boutique.

We offer a world-class franchise program and ongoing support to our franchisees that provide them with significant advantages over competitors. We have the relations required to carry top brands in our location as well as the support and tools to aid your success.

Several factors you should consider when deciding on a franchise opportunity:

  • You want metrics & analytics that will help you run your business by the numbers
  • You want checklists that will keep you on task each week
  • You are business minded and want to follow a proven model
  • You have drive for the industry and the success of your business
  • You want the tools to help guide you towards your success
  • You want marketing and advertising that reaches the proper audience
  • If this sounds like you, consider a Scout & Molly’s franchise.


Scout and Molly’s Boutique began with a dream. A place where women would feel comfortable shopping, a place where they didn’t have to worry about what they were wearing when they walked in the store, a place where women could count on a friendly face and an honest opinion.

Scout & Molly’s wants business ownership to become a reality for more entrepreneurs by providing their franchisees with a proven system complete with support for inventory and purchasing control, training in technology and general retail operations, plus real estate and marketing assistance. Scout & Molly’s is a niche within the retail industry and is poised to be a national leader in the retail boutique industry, giving you the opportunity to own a fun, enjoyable and highly lucrative franchise!


Here’s an overview of the support you’ll receive as well as the franchise feel to expect. This information does not constitute an offer or the sale of a franchise.

Scout & Molly’s is completely dedicated to the success of its franchisees; therefore, each franchisee can expect consistent and ongoing support from the corporate office. As part of this support, the following services and training have been developed to assist in all operational aspects of each Scout & Molly’s franchise.


After you’ve signed your franchise agreement, your operations specialist will touch base with you to welcome you to the team. We’ll then schedule a meeting to talk again about our internal drive, the welcome packet, pre-opening checklist, and the resource center.


Our national team of leading retail site search brokers will review all factors to locate the best possible site for your location. An operations specialist will walk you through the welcome packet, the pre-opening checklist, and the resource center within days of you becoming a franchisee.


We collectively discuss the location’s design, the store-in-a-box package, franchisee furniture and fixture responsibilities, as well as the general contractor’s responsibilities.


The Scout & Molly’s buying team travels to regional and national apparel shows (“Markets”) held in different cities across the US. Here, our buyers source the best of the best in women’s clothing lines. With years of fashion buying experience, their established relationships with designers and sales reps across the country provide every boutique with top-selling styles in fashion’s hottest trends.


Scout & Molly’s will assist you with all supplies needed for the opening of your store.


Franchisees are trained and have access to our wholesale marketplace, an online platform that allows selection of the merchandise available in the franchisee’s territory.


All franchisees will be trained and provided with the documents necessary for staffing their shop. This will be explored in great detail during training week.


When you become a franchisee, training begins immediately. A member of the corporate team will initiate the relationship with a personal phone call to kick start this exciting process. Ongoing training will revolve around each boutique’s build-out, inventory, visual standards, marketing and advertising, and soft and grand openings. The week-long training program at Corporate will introduce new practices in addition to reinforcing policies and procedures. Ongoing field support will begin once the franchisee’s store has opened.


The Scout & Molly’s brand works with a dedicated marketing and advertising agency. These media buyers and marketing experts work closely with each franchisee to get the word out about every boutique. As our brand and merchandise continues to evolve in an ever-changing industry, our marketing partners also remain ahead of digital marketing trends to promote brand awareness in your target market and across the country.


A corporate representative will come to your store prior to your soft opening to ensure everything is ready to go for your big day.


Training doesn’t stop on the phone or after training week. The corporate team will be on the road ensuring each store and owner is meeting and exceeding expectations for success.


Online Resources:
A Shared Drive is where the owners and managers will be able to access all of the Scout & Molly’s tools. During the pre-opening phase, this is where the pre-opening checklist will be stored. It is the file storage place where you will be required to keep your store-specific documents current; and going forward, this is the place where we will share various resources with you.

The Discussion Board:
The centralized place where you can chat with other franchisees to share information and best practices.


We have established a corporate website at that provides extensive information about the company. Each franchisee’s location will be featured on this website, and its geo-tagging functionality allows customers to find a boutique in a specific area. The website also serves as a tremendous marketing tool allowing franchisees to engage on social media platforms while promoting events.


Scout & Molly’s corporate has created a password-protected Resource Center for franchisees to access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This online portal provides forms, documents, branded material, supplies, videos, social media images, marketing resources, and more. A forum to ask questions and share ideas with fellow owners and/or the corporate team is also available.


Franchise Fee: $60,000
Total Estimated Investment: Starts at $320,000.00
Royalty Fee: 6% of gross revenue per month.
Brand Development Fund: 1% of gross revenue for franchisee growth and development.


Scout & Molly’s is leaving its mark in big cities and small towns across the nation with its unmatched experience laced with the latest trends and sought after designs. Our team is dedicated to the success of its franchisees; therefore, each franchisee can expect consistent and ongoing support from the corporate office.


This includes but is not limited to:

Real Estate Broker Relationships
Real Estate Production Manager
Corporate Construction Project Leader
LOI & Lease Negotiation Assistance
Corporate Site Selection Assistance
Preliminary Plan & Schematic Drawing Creation & Review
Opening Inventory Assistance in conjunction with analytics


Hiring Your Team
Education on the essential Style Scout qualities
Job descriptions of your employees
Operations will assist in interviewing your candidates
Corporate will assist you in management and sales team training


P&L Review
Field Visits/Operational Reviews
Scheduled Conference Calls
Regional Training
Franchisee conference training


Our franchisees are provided assistance with all things marketing and advertising through the guidance and direction of DigiSphere Marketing for digital marketing and Powers for PR.

Your designated Account Executive will provide a tailored advertising plan and marketing education to ensure your Scout & Molly’s location is talked about and frequented long after your Grand Opening month.


Do you have an eye for fashion? Scout & Molly’s provides the opportunity to combine your passion for fashion and entrepreneurship in an excellent franchise opportunity! A few frequently asked question are:

What investment is required?
There are the costs associated with the initial set up, inventory, furniture, fixtures, equipment, technology and more. Total Estimated Single Unit Investment:: $300,000.00 to $350,000.00 (includes $50,000 working capital).

What ongoing fees are required?
Royalty Fee: You will pay a continuing monthly Royalty Fee during the Term equal to 5-6% of gross revenue. Brand Development Fund: 1% of gross revenue for franchisee growth and development.

What Return on Investment (ROI) can I expect?
Actual results vary from location to location and we cannot estimate the results of any particular franchise. We encourage you to review Item 19 of our Franchise Disclosure Document for additional information on the Financial Performance Representation. When you investigate a Scout & Molly’s franchise, you will be provided with the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD).

How quickly can I expect my return on investment to begin?
On average, it will take 6-9 months from the time you are awarded a Scout & Molly’s license to the time you open. In most cases, how well you follow the grand opening and on-going marketing plan provided by Scout & Molly’s determines how quickly you achieve your desired ROI.

How many employees do I need?
You can start with 3 to 4 part time associates along with one full time manager.

What type of facility do I need?
You will need approximately 900-1,200 square feet located in a high traffic, high visibility Class A shopping center or mall. This square footage will allow for adequate room for clothing and accessory displays, dressing rooms, and a small storage area.

How long has Scout & Molly’s been in business?
Scout & Molly’s has been a popular boutique destination in the Raleigh, NC market since Spring 2002. Scout & Molly’s started franchising in 2014. The Scout & Molly’s brand was fresh and people quickly caught on. Customers started to mention they wished they could open their own Scout & Molly’s so we took the next step and started franchising the business so others could enjoy the unique shopping experience that Scout & Molly’s delivers.

How much training will I receive?
Scout & Molly’s provides a week of initial training. You will be taught the Scout & Molly’s merchandise modules, inventory control and ordering procedures, marketing programs, Point of Sale systems and other store operations. On-going training and conference calls, site visits and conferences will be conducted as needed.

How much support will I receive?
Scout & Molly’s provides you with all the essential training needed to smoothly launch and celebrate your grand opening and post opening operations. All Scout & Molly’s owners will have ongoing support for marketing needs, inventory and buying programs, manager training, operational, and technology support.

What are the benefits of owning my own Scout & Molly’s Franchise?
Make a difference in your community
Unique and different fashion lines not found in all stores
Comprehensive marketing program
Small staff model
Multi-unit opportunity

What are the key drivers of the business – the key skills needed?
As much fun and as exciting as the Scout & Molly’s Franchise opportunity is, following the Scout & Molly’s Franchise system is imperative to success. Scout & Molly’s is looking for quality owners with good people skills.

What is your competitive differentiation?
Scout & Molly’s Boutique is described as vintage chic and this vibe is carried throughout the interior of our stores but also spills out onto the sidewalks (where applicable). The lines of clothing we carry are unique and sometimes are rarely found in other stores in your market. Boutiques are chic – people value the personalized service and attention they receive, the cozy ambiance and the unique merchandise that only a Scout & Molly’s can offer.

Will I receive a protected territory?
Yes, you will receive a protected territory.

How do I get started?
Complete the Online Request for Information Packet. When you have received your information packet, fill out the Franchise Application and return it to Scout & Molly’s via e-mail to receipt of your application, we will contact you and send you a Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) to continue the franchising process. If there continues to be mutual interest, we will invite you to the corporate office for a Discovery Day visit.Scout & Molly’s is committed to making every city, town and community look great by stocking fashionable and highly sought after designs. We will ensure we are staying abreast of fashion trends and seasons to bring our franchisees the best buying options. Our business experience and operational system has proven to assist our franchisees to grow business quickly, efficiently and successfully.

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